The beach of Ezerets and Shabla Lake

The beach of Ezerets is about 2 km away from the small village of Ezerets, and continues along the Shabla Lake.

You can get to the village by following the main road to Romania – it’s the first one after Shabla (about 5 km). The easiest way to reach the beach is by detour off the road in the village. It’s a dirt road with some gravel left, but if you’re there when the sunflowers grow, you can enjoy a really beautiful views along the way.

The beach itself is also something worth seeing – wild, tranquil, lovely. There’s a pine forest next to the coast where you can camp. You wont find nothing luxury here…no late night parties either, but if you want to experience the old village life style,  you should consider about planning a vacation here.




The most important landmark of Ezerets beach is a concrete bunker from the WWWII


The road to the beach from Ezerets village

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